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PROMO #002 – Lolly is coming to Orlando, Florida – July 26 & 27, 2014!

Tickets & Info –

Join Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and her hilarious sock puppet sidekick Lolly Lardpop for 50 minutes of music, joy and laughter in Leslie and Lolly Make Stuff Up. Original songs, stories and a cast of puppet characters! Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is best known as “Abby Cadabby” on Sesame Street, a role for which she has received three Emmy nominations. Leslie got her start as a puppeteer on ABC’s Muppets Tonight. Most recently she performed the character of Lily, created for the primetime Sesame Street television special “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” and she has been in several outreach videos for the Children’s Television Workshop. Leslie also tours “Wake Up Your Weird,” an interactive performance championing individual expression through the arts:

PROMO #001 – Lolly’s Coming To Walnut Creek on July 19th!

Tickets & Information: Bring your family for a fun-filled day of affordable world-class family entertainment at the 8th Annual Chevron Family Theatre Festival to be held Saturday, July 19 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. Ticketed performances include: The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, aContinue Reading

EPISODE #079 – Pancakes!

Come along as Lolly visits her friend Liz Hara’s house and makes pancakes with Mr. & Mrs. Hara! ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #078 – Puppet Pandemic! – June 28, 2014

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Lolly Lardpop host Puppet Pandemic, which is made possible by the Puppet Slam Network! June 28, 2041 – In The Heart Of The Beast Theatre – Minneapolis, MN Tickets: $12. From marionettes to papier mache mayhem, puppeteers breed new strains of creativity. This showcase of puppetry combines local Twin City talent,Continue Reading

EPISODE #077 – Lolly’s cousin Nic shows off his Lego creations!

Lolly is visiting her cousin Nic and he shows her all his amazing Lego creations. ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #076 – Lolly visits her Auntie Opal!

Lolly spends some time with her 96 year old Auntie Opal! For more information visit ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #075 – Granny Dot meets Newhart!

Lolly has a new puppy named Newhart. Here is video of Granny meeting Newhart for the first time. ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #074 – Taking Down Christmas Decorations with Granny Doris

In January, Lolly helped Granny Doris take down her Christmas decorations.  Here’s some video and photo joy from that day. ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #073 – Lolly goes for a balloon ride!

Join Lolly & Leslie as they go off on a balloon ride adventure at the 2013 Balloons, Tunes & BBQ event put on by the United Way of Southern Kentucky. Thanks to David Hosay and WBKO Television. Edited by Matt Scott ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph –

EPISODE #072 – Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

A big bundle of Valentine’s Day joy to show that we love YOU!  Featuring Lolly, Mr. Darcy, Granny Dot, Leslie Carrara-Rudoplh and Andy Howe on piano! ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph