Besides Wake Up Your Weird!, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Lolly Lardpop ofter before other types of shows, delighting crowds of all ages with their whimsical fun! Below are just a sampling of the types of shows they do and they can work within any budget!


Family Cabaret – “Leslie and Lolly’s Creative Hoopla of Joy”
Join Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and her hilarious sock puppet side kick Lolly Lardpop for this family friendly cabaret filled with original songs, stories, artwork, and puppets. The audience becomes part of the show by singing and improvising with Leslie and her characters making each and every performance unique. Live music is featured.







Adult Cabaret- “Entertaining Thoughts” Starring Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

This wild and whimsical adult cabaret is an evening filled with live music, comedy, and puppetry. Leslie steps away from her world of “theater for young people” and shares some of her stories for more mature audiences. Leslie’s collection of “Entertaining Thoughts” is sure to be a unique evening you won’t forget even if you try.








Shows for Schools, Libraries, Afterschool Programs, and Special events – “Leslie and Lolly Make stuff Up”
Leslie and Lolly are committed to spreading Joy and “waking up your weird” though the power of creativity where ever they go. Through storytelling, art, music, puppetry and improv Leslie shows kids how the arts are valuable tools for sharing unique ideas and celebrating their individuality.



Part of the WAKE UP YOUR WEIRD! mission is to impact local communities where performances are scheduled by participating in outreach projects and making workshops available to schools, recreation facilities, social services, senior centers, hospitals, and populations with special needs.


Character Development Workshop

Designed to help young people access their thoughts, feelings, and imaginations, and then channel their ideas into artwork, writing, puppets, and more. These workshops can also be tailored to meet the needs of a specific population or theme of the event.

Master classes

These classes in character development are available for adult students upon request. Leslie will talk about ways of finding your own voice both physically and in terms of writing style. Students will create unique material, explore methods of incorporating music in a piece, and discover new layers while adding depth to existing characters. Leslie will also share some of her puppet work and ways to use various art forms that take a simple idea and expand it into a fully realized piece or show concept.

Specialty Workshops

The creative team that travels with the show is made up of talented individuals with skills in performing, directing, puppetry, improvisation, podcasts, film and video techniques, music, auditioning, writing, and more. Upon request and availability, these talented professionals will also be available for workshops.

Outreach/Spreading Joy

Outreach: Leslie and Lolly will make themselves as available as possible during the run of their show to make appearances at community events and visit outreach facilities.

Fundraisers: Leslie will make herself available for performances at local charity events and fundraisers during the run of her show (schedule permitting). Dedication of one show for charity must be set up ahead of time and in conjunction with the producing theater.

Sunday Special: Leslie and Lolly will put together and host a show made up of the children and adults from their workshops and feature local talent for a one-of-a-kind event to raise money for a local charity. This must be in conjunction with the theater, outreach facility, or community service and must be set up prior to Leslie’s appearance and only if the show has a run of two weeks or more. The event will become part of the Wake Up Your Weird! podcast. Details upon request.