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EPISODE #076 – Lolly visits her Auntie Opal!

Lolly spends some time with her 96 year old Auntie Opal!

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©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #075 – Granny Dot meets Newhart!

Lolly has a new puppy named Newhart. Here is video of Granny meeting Newhart for the first time. ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #074 – Taking Down Christmas Decorations with Granny Doris

In January, Lolly helped Granny Doris take down her Christmas decorations.  Here’s some video and photo joy from that day. ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #073 – Lolly goes for a balloon ride!

Join Lolly & Leslie as they go off on a balloon ride adventure at the 2013 Balloons, Tunes & BBQ event put on by the United Way of Southern Kentucky. Thanks to David Hosay and WBKO Television. Edited by Matt Scott ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph –

EPISODE #072 – Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

A big bundle of Valentine’s Day joy to show that we love YOU!  Featuring Lolly, Mr. Darcy, Granny Dot, Leslie Carrara-Rudoplh and Andy Howe on piano! ©2014 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #071 – Art House Astoria!

Lolly (and Leslie) are taking part in the Art House Astoria Heart & Music Gala Fundraiser this friday! Art House Astoria Conservatory for Music and Art is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. As an active part of the Astoria neighborhood since Fall 2009, their mission has been to bring art and music education at an affordableContinue Reading

EPISODE #070 – Lolly’s Teacher Feature – Mr. Swanson of Cheshire, CT!

Mr. Sanson teaches Modern World History & Advanced Placement US Government in Cheshire, CT. Lolly thinks he’s got just about the coolest classroom in the world! ©2013 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #069 – Lolly’s International Candy Corner!

Lolly took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland and her most important order of business was…trying out all the candy she could get her hands on! Join lolly in this SUPERSIZED trip through the candy of Scotland! For more Lolly visit ©2013 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #68 – Lolly & Granny Doris Watch Paint Dry

Just as the title suggests, Lolly & Granny Dot watch paint dry. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. ©2013 Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

EPISODE #67 – Lolly Visits the Black Bear Diner with her Cousin’s Nick & Juliette and Auntie Weno

Lolly visits with her cousins Nick & Juliette and they go for a meal at the Black Bear Diner!  Will there be treats?